There are many reasons why you might be looking at a re-cladding project.

We have had experience in many different recladding projects from the replacing of weatherboards on an older character home or the removing of existing tired cladding and replacing this with more modern materials.

There are also leaky home issues still in existence and we have had experience in finding the source of the problem and undertaking a re-cladding project to restore the home to it’s former glory.

Recladding Auckland

Replace Weatherboards

Replacing weatherboards is a common improvement initiative you can do to your home. Weatherboards start to split and crack and let water in to the internal walls structure and it is a good idea at some stage to go through a replacement process and modernise the design of the weatherboard at the same time.

Re-cladding Repairs

It is important if you are experiencing any leaks in the outer shell of your home that you get these cracks or holes repaired. We undertake all sorts of re-cladding repairs from small jobs to whole house re-cladding projects.

Contact us at Builtwell for any size re-cladding project and we would be happy to help.