Residential Renovations

Our favourite type of renovation is a residential renovation as we get to see a reno project at the beginning and at the end.

Residential normally involves homes that people live in and therefore there is a certain pride involved with the turning of the dilapidated premises in to something more modern.

That’s where Builtwell come in. We can undertake any size of residential renovation from a tidy up of a bathroom or kitchen to a full scale renovation where we move rooms around or add on more space.

We can raise an existing house and add room underneath or extend outwards or gut existing structures to give more usable space.

Experience Matters

At Builtwell we feel that experience matters and differentiates us from a number of other builders around Auckland. Karl and his team have been building for over 20 years across Auckland and have taken on a large range of projects from new house builds to all sorts of renovation work.

Contact us at Builtwell for your next Residential Renovation project.

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