Bathroom Renovations

A bathroom renovation can give you extra comfort in your home. Whether it is a complete bathroom renovation or just a minor tweak to add some extra space or functionality, Builtwell can assist you.

We undertake full restoration projects or gut an existing bathroom back to the pipes coming out of the wall and install a whole new bathroom concept in the space provided.

Sometimes a bathroom renovation project will require extending out the walls or edges of the bathroom or cantilever out a section outside to give more space inside. We have done a few of these and it is amazing how much extra room you get inside the bathroom itself.

Contact us at Builtwell with your ideas of what you want to achieve in your bathroom renovation project and we would be happy to come around and discuss a range of options.

Experience Matters

At Builtwell we feel that experience matters and differentiates us from a number of other builders around Auckland. Karl and his team have been undertaking bathroom re-builds and renovations for over 20 years across Auckland and have taken on a large range of projects.

Contact us at Builtwell for your next bathroom build or bathroom renovation project.

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